A year ago I bought new fish. Several weeks later my koi start to flip and jump it seemed to be a parasite infection and I lost 5 of my beautiful koi (one was a very nice and expensive Tancho). How can I avoid this problem?

I really want to buy new koi to get back to my original amount of koi. This is a very known problem. That’s why our company did specific research on this matter. We developed a salt that kills parasites and stimulate the mucus of the skin. You can use this salt as a bath (high concentration, short time or lower concentration, long time).

We prefer a long bath because the environment of the parasites is bad for a long time so that strong parasites are getting killed also, this treatment is not aggressive for the fish!! We recommend 3 gr / liter of red salt during a period of 14 days. Short term treatment is 15 gr / liter for 1-3 minutes. DON’T LEAVE THE FISH UNGARDED!! If he looses balance take him out of the bath. Repeat on day 3 and 5.